Hi-Lo formula, how to bet to win

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How to bet to win Before you apply the formula You must first know how it should be used to bet. To give yourself a chance to win more Usually the betting style of this game. There are quite a lot. If you haven’t gotten to know the details of Hi-Lo betting patterns first. may not be able to use the formula very well By applying the formula to be based on that. Which format do you apply it to? Because each format has a different chance of winning. The details of the UFABET formula used to bet on all I have the following.

Hi-Lo formula, how to bet to win
  1. Taeng Tong is not specific. Taeng Tong is Hi-Lo playing style Players must choose to bet on numbers. Simultaneously, all 3 numbers by the requirements are guessing the same number. If it is a non-specific stabbing, it is Player chooses Tang Tong. but does not specify the number that must be What numbers appear
  2. Bet on total points. Bet on total points is The bettor must predict whether When finished rolling the dice What is the total number of points that come out?
  3. Tagging Toad Tagging is quite popular. Because players can bet on 2 numbers simultaneously Which will actually increase your chances of winning.
  4. Teng odd bet Odd bet is that the bettor must choose to bet on any number. 1 is an odd number
  5. High and low bets High and low bets are Players must guess. that the sum of the dice that will appear have high or low points
  6. Odd even bet Players must predict the points that will appear. is even or odd
  7. Double bets. Double bets are Players must choose to guess numbers that are even numbers.
  8. A specific thrust. A specific thrust is Players must choose to bet. All 3 same numbers, numerical model