Infantino vows to bring massive income to FIFA after 3rd term as president

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Gianni Infantino has been elected president of the International Football Federation for another four years. As no one has run as a candidate in the elections in Rwanda. He announced that he would bring more than 10 billion euros in revenue to FIFA.

Gianni Infantino was elected president. Fédération Internationale de Football Association ( FIFA) for a third term until 2027 unanimously At the 73rd general meeting in Kigali, Rwanda, on Thursday. It promised the world-class football organization will generate record revenues over the next four years of 10 billion euros or about 10 billion euros. 3 hundred and 6 billion baht

Infantino vows to bring massive income to FIFA after 3rd term as president

The 52-year-old former lawyer was first elected to the House of Commons in 2016. After the resignation of his predecessor , Sepp Blatter, and has kept his chair unopposed. Three years later Just like last time there were no opponents in the election. And won by a vote instead of a UFABET vote from 211 member nations.

“It is a special honor and privilege and a great responsibility,” Infantino said after taking over as president. “I pledge to continue serving FIFA and football around the world. to the one who loves me I know there are many and people who hate me… I love you all.”

The new but old big boss insists that FIFA ‘s revenues hit record highs in the last round from 2019-22, but he promised that will increase even higher again after the match men and women world cup with an increase in the number of teams competing and the introduction of a new Club World Cup format with 32 teams in 2025.

“Receipts have increased to a record 7 billion euros until 2022 during the impact of COVID-19. When I arrived, FIFA’s reserves were around 940 million euros. Today it is almost 3.7 billion euros. I promise . That there will be a new record revenue in the next round of 10 billion euros and the new Club World Cup is not included in that figure. So it could add up to two billion more.”  Infantino predicts a massive figure that will happen during his next four years in office.