Milan is crazy! Refusing to sign Arsenal football to grab Liverpool’s reserve football

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AC Milan reportedly regretted the signing of a Liverpool star this UFABET summer. Instead of the Arsenal players who are now doing well with the new team.

 According to Calciomercato , Divock Origi is struggling with AC Milan and the Serie A champions ‘regretting’ signing the former Liverpool hero instead of Alex. Sandre Lacazette, who was then Arsenal striker last summer When Milan is looking for an experienced striker who can transfer teams for free Their eyes eventually settled on two Premier League strikers, Origi and Lacazette.

Milan is crazy! Refusing to sign Arsenal football to grab Liverpool's reserve football

         And if head coach Stefano Pioli can turn back time Milan could have made a different decision. He scored 20 goals this season, becoming the all-time top scorer in Lyon’s history.

Origi, on the other hand, can make ‘history’, but in a bad way, the Belgian substitute San Siro netting two goals in 24 games was a huge disappointment for a man who, even technically, could have won. for free But it cost Milan around £14 million over the duration of his contract. Origi’s performance today is an economic failure by Calciomercato. The report adds that Milan ‘regret’ choosing the former Wolfsburg loanee over the Lyon one.

   Milan were offered the chance to sign Lacazette when he left Arsenal a year ago, which they turned down. And got Oriki instead in early July “(Oriki) comes with a lot of experience. But to this day he has failed,” added Calciomercato, who is said to be more disappointing than Charles de Ketlar, who was signed by the club for £30 million The former Liverpool player was hired as a starting lineup. To date, he hasn’t even come close to being the best. He is a failure.”

          Steve Nicol, former Liverpool player Can’t understand why – after years as a substitute at Anfield, Origi chose Milan, which couldn’t guarantee a place in the first team. “I really mean it. What happened to this guy?” Nicole asked ESPN. “ Does he just like being on the bench wherever he goes? He is on the bench for Belgium. He is on the bench for Liverpool. And now he’s on the bench for Milan. Does he like to sit on the bench?”