5 causes of “ankle pain” that you may not know

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Have you ever been somewhere else? I have ankle pain even though I haven’t walked much, run or even exercised. Or do any strenuous activity at all. If you have, you may be experiencing ankle pain from other causes that you may not have known about before.

5 causes of “ankle pain” that you may not know

causes of “ ankle pain ” that you may not know

  1. Overweight

If you are obese Being overweight Your body weight may be unknowingly adding to the burden on your ankles, which have to bear weight all day long. Therefore, your weight should be controlled within an appropriate range. So that the ankles do not have to bear weight while walking, running or jumping every time.

  1. Changing posture too quickly

Whether you’re just walking and then accidentally ran across the road Ran onto the bus, walked and jumped over the puddle in front. If the tendons around your ankle are not flexible enough (May be caused by lack of exercise or increasing age) may cause muscle tendon deformity. Acute aches and pains can occur as well. This is easily fixed by trying to move your ankles more slowly. And increase the flexibility of your ankle muscles by doing slow ankle rotation exercises regularly, including stretching your ankles before exercising.

  1. loose ankle ligaments

You may be one of those people who have problems with loose ankle ligaments. Especially during heavy use of the ankle, such as walking quickly, running, jumping, and playing sports, it will be evident, so you may need to check with a doctor to be sure. and may need to wear ankle brace support equipment Put adhesive tape on the ankles. And always wear appropriate shoes before exercising. or do various activities

4.ankle cartilage injury

You may have had a previous ankle injury. from exercise Or fall until you sprain your ankle. And still haven’t recovered. Therefore, you should avoid heavy use of your ankles. It has been at least 1 week after the ankle accident.

  1. Wearing very high heels for too long

For women who wear very high heels for a long time, this can cause ankle pain as well. The way to avoid this is Reducing the time wearing high heels by no more than 30 minutes – 1 hour if it is necessary to wear high heels. You should choose heels that are no more than 2 inches high and should change your posture while wearing shoes, such as changing from standing still. It’s a little walk. Or find a time to sit every time you have the opportunity. To reduce the burden on the ankles, which must bear the ufabet https://ufabet999.com weight of the entire body for a long time.