8 warning signs of disease “Bleeding in the brain”

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cerebral hemorrhage Found in working age Until the days of old age are mostly lost. But day by day there will be more and more patients. Because cerebral hemorrhage is classified as a group of cerebrovascular diseases. and ischemic brain theater The cause is the deterioration of cerebral blood vessels in the elderly group. Plus congenital diseases such as high blood pressure. and various lifestyle behaviors

8 warning signs of disease "Bleeding in the brain"

If symptoms like this occur Please assume that there is a possibility of a brain hemorrhage.

1. Severe and sudden headache.

2. Weakness of the limbs, possibly only on one side.

3. There is acute numbness in the face, arms, hands, or legs.

4. Difficulty speaking, unable to speak, or may have a crooked mouth and crooked face

5. Blurred vision, acute inability to see clearly.

6. Can’t walk straight, can’t balance.

7. Nausea and vomiting

8. Seizures may occur. or can lose consciousness

Prevention of cerebral hemorrhage

1. If you are a person with chronic disease or high blood pressure. Must receive treatment from a doctor

2. Abstain from alcohol and cigarettes.

3. Refrain from eating spicy food, such as very sweet, very salty, ยูฟ่าเบท and very spicy.

4. Eat nutritious food Get enough rest. and exercise regularly

5. Do not be careless when driving a vehicle. Fasten your seat belt. and wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle

6. Always maintain a normal emotional state. Don’t get angry, don’t get angry often, and don’t be too stressed.

7. Check your health regularly to reduce the risk of having acute symptoms when you are not ready. or is in a dangerous situation

Although hemorrhage in the brain is a serious disease that can result in paralysis, paralysis, or even death, But that doesn’t mean that we can’t prevent this disease. Therefore, the best way is that we should prevent this disease from the beginning.