Carnacho is ready to win the award for best goal of the year.

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Manchester United star Alejandro Carnacho says his somersault shot against Everton should be good enough to win the Goal of the Year award.

Alejandro Carnacho Young Winger Manchester United Received: He could hardly believe his eyes that he had scored a goal. How beautiful is this? With a somersault shot Everton in just the first 3 minutes of the game, winning 3-0 on Sunday, while pointing out that it should be good enough to receive. Best Goal of the Year Award available in every institution

Carnacho is ready to win the award for best goal of the year.

His somersault shot has been compared to Wayne Rooney’s legendary shot against Manchester City, said: “To be honest, I couldn’t believe it. I said after doing it that ‘Oh my god!’ “

“To be honest, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I can’t see how I shot it. I just listen to the voices of the cheerleaders.”

“It’s only November now. But maybe this is the goal of the year this season.”

Carnacho opened the scoring early in the day. It was the first goal in the Premier League this season and the second goal in all 17 matches played.

As for Carnacho’s beautiful goal, in addition to helping Manchester United return from Goodison Park with a beautiful win, it also made the Red Devils win 3 games in a row in the ทางเข้า ufabet Premier League for the first time this season. It’s a great way to build confidence before kicking Galatasaray in Turkey this Wednesday in a forced win situation. To have a chance to advance to the knockout rounds of the UEFA Champions League.

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