How to repel flies in the house? Which method actually works?

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Flies are one of the annoying problems that many homes have to face. Aside from being annoying when they frequently fly around, flies can also be carriers of disease to people in the family. Therefore, we should find an appropriate way to repel flies in the house to create a good condition. Good environment and hygiene for living within our home

How to repel flies in the house? Which method actually works?

Get to know more about flies

In general, Flies are classified as invertebrates. The life cycle lasts on average 6-12 days, from hatching from eggs into maggots until adulthood. Flies can lay as many as 100-200 eggs at one time. It is not unusual to find many flies in people’s homes, shops. or various communities. Flies found in Thailand are classified into 4 species as follows:

1. House flies

It is 5-8 millimeters long when fully grown. Gray color The belly is yellow or yellowish brown. They often breed on piles of wet garbage or rotten vegetable scraps and food scraps. They are often found on walls, ceilings, and floors within homes. Or found in piles of garbage outside the house. Likes to eat and gather around food or waste.

2. Bluebottle fly

It is about an inch and a half long. The body is green. They often breed on meat or dead animal carcasses. Most often, they are found in garbage piles and trash cans. This ยูฟ่าเบท type of fly likes to eat animal feces and dead animal carcasses. It is considered a carrier of serious disease.

3. Striped-backed fly

It is 6-14 millimeters long. Its body is light gray and has black spots on its back. They often breed on meat, animal carcasses, and piles of rotten garbage. Likes to eat spoiled food, animal excrement, and people’s food.

4. Blood-sucking flies

or stable flies Also called a gadfly, the body can be up to 25 millimeters long. The body is black or dark brown. Often breeds on the ground. Male gadflies often eat pollen and nectar. The female gadfly mainly sucks the blood of animals. They are considered to be more of a nuisance and have a negative effect on livestock.

What diseases do flies carry?

The reasons why we must pay attention to How to repel flies in the house This is because many epidemics and illnesses are caused by flies. Or are they carriers of disease? The flies crawl around spoiled food, dead animals, or waste. Then they bring germs such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses that follow their wings and legs to infect and transmit the infection to humans. Therefore, we should not eat food or drink water that has flies crawling around. Because germs that are carried by flies may contaminate the water and those foods. Flies are considered vectors for many diseases, including:

– Diarrhea

– Cholera

– Red eyes

– dysentery

– Gastroenteritis and inflammatory bowel disease

– Tuberculosis

– Typhoid fever

– Salmonellosis

The reason why flies come into the house

The reason why flies often enter people’s homes or live in communities in large numbers is This is because where humans live there are food sources or environments suitable for the breeding and survival of flies. Whether it’s leftover food scraps Piles of wet garbage piled up Rat carcasses or dead animals that are rotting Including animal waste that has not been cleaned up properly.

These environments provide a good source of food and places to sustain their life cycle. which has a hot and humid climate Therefore, we must clean up and keep our homes clean on a regular basis. Including knowing how to prevent and how to repel flies properly.

How to repel flies in the house How can you do it?

How to repel flies in the house There are many ways to do it. which includes both natural methods to repel flies and how to repel flies using chemicals Let’s see which method is more convenient and suitable for us as follows.

*How to repel flies in the house naturally

1. Chrysanthemum

Squeeze chrysanthemum flowers and mix them in water. Then place in a clean bottle or spray can with a working nozzle. Can be used to repel flies in the house. Because pyrethrins in chrysanthemum flowers have the effect of repelling all types of insects. which is a method to repel flies in the house that has quick results But it may not prevent the flies from returning to breed or build nests forever.

2. Vinegar

We can create fly traps made from kitchen ingredients. Mix vinegar with 1 tablespoon of sugar and place it in a deep dish or rice bowl. Then cover with clear plastic and drill enough holes for flies to fly through. Set up to catch flies.

3. Flowering plants and garden plants

Anyone who loves growing flowers, trees , or gardening may turn their hobby into another easy way to repel flies in the house. They may choose to plant flowering plants or plants that have insect repellent properties, such as basil, thyme, and marigolds. Or catnip, either.

4. Lemon peel

When you use lemons for cooking or seasoning food, don’t throw them away. Keep lemon peels to repel flies in the house. Gather about 20-25 lemon peels and place them in areas where flies like to crawl in large numbers.

5. Eucalyptus oil

Nearby items or perfumes that contain eucalyptus oil also help in getting rid of flies. By placing enough drops of eucalyptus oil on a small ribbon or cloth strip until a fragrant aroma is released. Then hang it on the door or in front of it.

How to repel flies in the house chemical-based

1. Spray

In general, Flies often come and sleep in dark corners where there is no wind. Therefore, we can use a spray to spray the area where the flies like to hang out. So that the floor is wet and there are no more flies on it.

2. Chalk lines

We may use chalk to trace along the cracks in the wall. Or grind the chalk into powder and sprinkle it in those cracks. So that flies can’t fly in.

3. Spray chemicals

If there are too many flies inside the house You may need to use chemical sprays to repel flies instead. This requires specific tools for spraying chemicals. Including having an expert do it. which requires additional costs But the results are guaranteed for sure.

/How to repel flies in the house Accessory type

Repelling flies in the house By using accessories here, we mean glue traps. Of course, most of the flies that get caught will die. Currently, there are many types to choose from. We recommend the following:

1. Fly trap glue sheet

Special adhesive sheets Easy to use, just spread the adhesive sheet and place it in various spots where there are a lot of flies. Flies will get stuck and be unable to get out. When finished using, the adhesive sheet can be folded and discarded. or can be burned and destroyed Although the adhesive pads are non-toxic, But it should be kept out of the reach of children and pets. or contact with the glue directly

2. Fly catching stick

It is an upright stick, almost 30 centimeters tall. It has a special type of glue that sticks firmly. Can be set up or hung. Easy to use, just place it in a location where there are a lot of flies. Insects get stuck and can’t get out. Even without chemicals But it should be kept out of the reach of children and pets. or contact with the glue directly

Answering questions: Can water bags really repel flies?

The answer is that you can actually repel flies.

If we bring a clear plastic bag to put water in Put it in a sunny area. or a light with a beam of light hitting it A plastic bag filled with water is like a light beam bouncing off into the fly’s eyes. When the fly’s eye receives light, it reflects light. Coming back to the plastic bag, there was a falling light. The angle of reflection is reflected back and forth by the lens of the fly’s eye. This causes the adjustment of the light focus point to produce an image on the retina to be unclear, causing blurred vision and therefore flies unable to fly towards the food properly. at a distance of approximately 100 centimeters or more Even if it smells like food.

This method works best if you use a clear plastic hot bag. Use rainwater or clear water. The bag must be tied tightly. and hang the bag to receive light in all directions

Prevent flies from entering the house How can you do it?

In addition to knowing how to repel flies in the house , preventing flies from entering the house is equally important. Because all of this affects the health of family members to keep them away from disease carriers. We can do it as follows:

1. Collect food

Store food, snacks, and drinks in a dry, temperature-appropriate, and enclosed place, such as a pantry, covered with clear plastic. or use a cheesecloth, etc.

2. Separate garbage

Food scraps should be kept separate from other types of waste. Tie the bag and place it in a trash can with a tightly closed lid every day. We may use separate trash cans instead. To make it easier to discard Do not mix in the same tank.

3. Keep it clean

Always keep the bathroom, garage, and backyard clean.

4. Vacuum the toilet

Regular use of toilet cleaning services also helps in creating good hygiene for people in the home. This helps with both the smell and cleanliness of the bathroom. Reduce the occurrence of full toilets This can cause an odor and cause flies to enter the house.

5. Maintain pet hygiene

Change the mattress Wash and clean and turn the container upside down to dry. Including cleaning up animal droppings properly in cases where there are pets in the house.

6. Close doors and windows tightly.

Close doors and windows tightly. To prevent flies from outside from flying into the house.

Because a livable home begins with care and attention from the people within the house. Although flies are small insects, they can be a nuisance. Including causing health problems if not known. How to repel flies in the house efficiently And this is something you should know and a villager’s way to repel flies that is easy to do in every household. This just helps to enhance good hygiene. Including making our home a better place to live than before.